Tech Support Short Story

Me: Okay, once we have just the ethernet connected from the modem to the netgear, we will want to power cycle the modem by unplugging it from the electrical outlet for 5 seconds and plugging it back in
customer: so how long do I leave it unplugged?
me: you will leave it unplugged for five seconds then plug it back in to the power.
customer: so five seconds?
me: yes, five seconds.
Customer: so I unplugged the modem, how long do I wait before plugging it back in?

I already knew that

I bought the super fast highest tier internetz from my internet company and I still have no wifi signal, it’s only one bar.
Your wifi signal strength and your internet speed are two different things, We can work on options that would help you; such as an wifi extender, and or better placement of your wifi router to get better wifi signal strength to your devices.
I know my wifi signal and internet speed are two different things!!! I bought faster internet tho and I still don’t have better wifi signal!

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True Story.


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