She has slept so long, She has slept so deeply.

Has the world passed by, Possibly entire generations behind her.

She brings forth, and then becomes, her avatar wakes.

Her eyes unadjusted, She lets them stay, a blurry figure in the darkness moves slightly, “Amelia, What shall be on your task?”. She unstays her eyes and they instantly adjust, her room coming into perfect focus. Amelia rolls from her side and sits up, the tubes disconnecting, falling to the bed, and then sliding under the bed, “Water, please” she asks. The figure turns and briskly walks out of the room. Amelia looks around, everything is still in the same place, as it should be. She reaches over and grabs the robe hanging from the wooden knob on the bed post. Wrapping the robe around herself, staring into the distance down at the bed, she contemplates why she woke.

“Amelia, Here is your water.” She extended her arm, till her hand was about a foot from her shoulder, She knew Amelia knew she was there even if she looked so very distant. Amelia reached out and took the water, her fingers touching hers. She tried to hide her excitement at being the one to be present when Amelia woke, none the less, Amelia graced her with her touch! She has trained since she was a teenager, she won the placement due to her hard work and devotion. For so long of her adult life, she eagerly did her duty in preserving Amelia’s room and keeping it spotless. She was chosen.

“What is your name?” Amelia asks the girl rigidly standing by her bed. “Shurell” the girl responds. “Shurell… please relax, please sit down” Shurell sat down in the chair next to the bed. “Shurell, how long have I been asleep?” Shurell had been looking down at her clasped hands in her lap, she looked up and into Amelia’s eyes and said “For nearly eighteen thousand years.”.

“Shurell, Why was I woken? Why is everyone silent?”

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