The year is 2047, The invaders have finally been repelled, We Hope. We didn’t know what was happening at first, other than a sort of natural cycle here on Earth of plagues and weather issues and such. A seemingly random but was going to happen anyways collapse of a large radio telescope.. The very first video recording of the invaders was a tiktok from a relatively quiet part of our planet that most had never even heard of, The Falkland Islands, in the year end of 2022. The video that was only seen by a few and then forgotten about. Several months passed from that first video when a couple of videos hit Tiktok within the same week from Argentina. It really was a set of amazing videos. Small 2 inch tall humanoid creatures, They looked nearly identical to human. One of those videos hit the front page of Tiktok. In this video the invaders can be seen landing a small craft on what is obviously a hobbyist’s robotic and RC workbench. The invaders roamed the work bench, loading up assorted circuit parts and small wiring then they boarded their ship and flew it out a window. It was nearly a 50/50 split of public opinion on if the video was re al or not. A couple of these videos hit the major news networks, and even talk shows, world wide. Secretly, Many governments were being told by their experts that the videos a re as real as they come. Task Forces were created. The videos were buried. More standard blurry UFO footage was revealed to the public by the United States in the hopes of getting other countries to speak up, and in order to test the public opinion. A year passed with no more reports of the little people. Several pandemics were ravaging the planet and the ecosystem was still on a downward spiral. That’s when the first nest was discovered in Chile. Over three hundred invaders in an underground complex. A local girl who liked to hike through the jungle had noticed the comings and goings of small drone like craft in a particular area deep in the jungle. The hiker visited nearly everyday. The Jungle providing as much cover for her, as it had for the invaders for so long, she carefully located the entrance to the Nest over a period of a few weeks. A moss covered door in a tree. She took many videos and pictures and took them to the local police department. The police, not believing it, because it’s the same girl, now lady, that always bugs them about things in the jungle, decided to follow up anyways, as there wasn’t much else to do that day. Several of the officers and the lady trekked out through the Jungle, Upon arriving, She showed them where the mossy door was. One of the officers took her machete and poked the moss and it hit metal. Now even more curious, She scraped the moss off the metal plating and indeed, it was a small 2 foot square plate with indentations that indicated a door of some sort. The other officer took his knife and slid it in one of the indentations and pushed sideways on his knife, The metal plate wiggled. Both officers worked together using their knives and manage to get the door to slide up, revealing a shaft going down into the tree, under ground. This concerned everyone, The officers decided one of them should go back and tell the others and show pictures from their phones, since they had no service. Not long after, the officer arrived back with other officers and many local people armed with shovels and picks and axes. The lady and the officer that stayed were found dead at the entrance. This did not deter the crowd and everyone started digging around the tree, while others worked to use their chainsaws to fall the tree. After several days of cutting roots and digging down, They reached seventy feet down, and the nest. In the Nest they found a very similar setup to humans. There were slightly over 300 apartments in the nest, a hanger for about twenty ships, dozens of office spaces, laboratories, even fucking gyms, ceilings at 2 to 5 inches of height from the floor. Most of the laboratories were biological. The invaders were learning our planets genetics and experimenting with it. We found vials of Covid19, MonkeyPox , Covid20, JittersFog, and stuff we hadn’t even seen yet. The scary thing? We located several tunnels in that hanger that went deeper and in many directions.

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